Booty Dark Admin (theme)

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What is Booty Dark Admin theme?

Booty Dark Admin (BDA) is an Admin Theme for Bludit Flat-file CMS.

Booty Dark Admin allows you to change individual elements of the admin sidebar and the Right Main pane.

There is also an add-on plugin to help you to change individual elements of your new admin theme. This plugin is not necessary but recommended.

No other add-ons are required to use the template.

What is changed?

It can be said that the image of the whole admin page has changed. For example:

  • fixed and colored sidebar
  •  the appearance of the sidebar menu items
  • some menu item putting into icons
  • badges for number of created articles, users and categories
  • panel styled main area on the right
  • footer that includes the Bludit version and the active admin theme
  • and much more...

Options available

These option are only available through this add-on plugin!

  • Sidebar color

    You can set two colors for sidebar: Light or Dark

  • Badges

    Hide or show Badges on the sidebar and on the top navigation of the content page. The badges will show you how many articles have been created on the site so far.

  • Footer info

    Displays the system name and version and the template name in the footer of all admin pages

  • Control icons

    Some original sidebar items have been removed and can be navigated using icons instead.

  • Custom coloring

    Some items ion the Sidebar is colored. Now you can choose a color for this items to make your sidebar more customised.

  • Sidebar menu item

    Option to choose between Show or Hide the menu item. Recommended displaying the menu item to a quickly access to the BDA settings page.


Please visit to the official demo website


PHP 7.2 or above, Bludit 3.x

For more information:

Visit the official website or the Github Repository.

Need a plugin or a website template? Please get in touch...

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